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Why register as a ShopVine Vendor?

ShopVine is an online software platform created by Cyber Grapes Services LLC to help facilitate eCommerce between buyers and sellers.


  • Easy to use. Simply register, receive approval, post your products, and watch your sales stream in.
  • Dedicated Vendor Page. Receive a dedicated Vendor page to highlight yourself, your brand, and your products.
  • Instant payments. Receive instant payouts of your sales through PayPal Instant Payments.
  • Transparency. Login to your Vendor account for full sales transparency, reporting, and tracking.
  • Be found. Free product exposure across Google, Bing, and Facebook without needing your own website or social media account.
  • Free registration. Registration is and always will be free.
  • Simple fee structure. Fees are only charged when an item is sold and are charged on a per item basis as follows: Item Amount (including shipping) – 6% – $0.55. For example, you will be paid $8.85 if you sell an item for $9.00 with $1.00 shipping (($10.00 – ($10.00 * 6%) – $0.55)).